Grape harvest and vinification

Grape holder The black gamay with white juice, famous vine of Beaujolais imposes the gathering of the complete bunch of grape. A faithful grape-pickers team achieves this difficult task. Everyone is nourished and lodged, to perdure the family and convivial mood of yesteryear!

Following of beaujolaise's tradition , the whole bunches are poured in the tun. The time of fermenting changes according to the years and the wines to be vinified. It lasts necessary 4 to 6 days for our Beaujolais wines and 'Beaujolais-Villages nouveau' and from 8 to 12 days for our guard 'Beaujolais-Villages'.

After its alcoholic fermentation in tuns, grape is pressed. The wines mature in enamel and stell tuns, or barrels of oak.

Whith this process, combining tradition and modernism, Christophe tries to give to his wines the expression of the soil!